Local Establishments


Gino's Bar & Restaurant

10006 N Armenia Ave
Tampa, FL 33612
(813) 933-1089
Party Bus Tampa

Gino's Bar & Restaurant is a go-to spot in the Carrollwood neighborhood. Party Bus Tampa customers really adore this place. It's often a bit too small for larger party bus groups, but you can always pick up a nice hearty meal to go on the party bus! They've got all of your classic Italian favorites including fettuccine and gnocchi, and they've also got simple essentials like hamburgers and salads that are clearly a cut above the rest. If your party is small enough to dine in, you'll really enjoy the intimate setting and the warm ambiance, not to mention the excellent service that's given here.

Terra Sur Cafe

5358 W Village Dr
Tampa, FL 33624
(813) 269-2694
Party Bus Tampa

Terra Sur Cafe is a restaurant and bar with a Latin American and Peruvian theme, and well, they had us right there! We've been recommending this one to our Party Bus Tampa customers ever since our first visit, and it only gets better and better every time that we have the pleasure of dining there. It's romantic and quiet yet casual, meaning that you can actually hear the conversation you're having, and you don't necessarily have to be dressed to the nines to come in. The ceviche mixto is one of our favorite things here and we're also in love with the arroz con mariscos and lomo saltado!

Grille One Sixteen

15405 N Dale Mabry
Tampa, FL 33618
(813) 265-0116
Party Bus Tampa

Grille One Sixteen has a more upscale and modern vibe than most other restaurants and bars in the Carrollwood neighborhood. Party Bus Tampa merrymakers have enjoyed themselves here so many times over the years. It's not hard to figure out why, with the trendy vibe and the fantastic service! The attire is dressy here, so do look your best! The prices are likewise up there where you'd expect them to be, but so is the quality of the food and the overall experience. The Chilean sea bass is our favorite thing to eat here and we'd also very highly recommend the blackened grouper sandwiches!

Carmel Cafe and Wine Bar

14306 N Dale Mabry Hwy
Tampa, FL 33618
(813) 265-1415
Party Bus Tampa

For a wonderful Mediterranean dining experience on top of a sensational wine bar experience, give Carmel Cafe and Wine Bar a try. It's perfect for Party Bus Tampa merrymakers in Carrollwood and they always tell us that they can't get enough of it! The hip and trendy atmosphere is a major plus here and we love the fact that they've got so much room to accommodate our party bus groups. The food that is most memorable would be the chickpea fries and the chocolate lava cake! We're just in love with both! Many like the fact that you order on an iPad here. Great prices too!

Villagio Cinemas Restaurante

11778 N Dale Mabry Hwy
Tampa, FL 33618
(813) 498-2800
Party Bus Tampa
Villagio Cinemas features a beautiful Italian restaurant within its walls, and boy is it ever fantastic. The food is very authentic to the Campania region of Italy, which is simple and elegantly presented. We're in love with their caprese salad as well as their hearty and delicious pizza. The spaghetti is very good and so is the penne! There's a large bar that is pretty much the focal point of the establishment, and you will really enjoy sitting there and enjoying drink after drink with your Party Bus Tampa crew. Super friendly people working here really makes the experience even more wonderful!