Local Establishments

East Lake-Orient Park

Tampa Theatre

711 N Franklin
St Tampa, FL 33672
(813) 274-8286
Party Bus Tampa

When you're out in the East Lake-Orient Park area with Party Bus Tampa and looking for some amazing entertainment, chances are that you'll find it at Tampa Theatre. This music venue and cinema is a real classic, and you won't believe the wonderful times that you can have here. It's very affordable to dine and drink here and even the tickets for most events aren't too pricey. The indie movies that they play here are particularly exciting and we love the fact that they have recently updated the space so it's a little fresher and more modern in the most important ways. Great beer and wine selection to go along with that hot buttered popcorn!

Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe

5119 N Nebraska Ave
Tampa, FL 33603
(813) 234-1000
Party Bus Tampa

Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe has always been a Party Bus Tampa favorite in the East Lake-Orient Park vicinity, and that's especially true when the weekend comes to a close and it's time for their famous Soul Food Sunday! Oh, boy, do we ever love that! This is a large and casual place that has plenty of space for Party Bus Tampa groups and they've even got a wonderful outdoor seating area. You'll love the fact that there is a full bar and it's plenty loud here so it's good for your more boisterous celebrations! Love the hipster vibe and the really cool ambiance. Do not skip the dark chocolate covered bacon! It's really fantastic!

Kaleisia Tea Lounge

1441 E Fletcher Ave
Tampa, FL 33612
(813) 977-8266
Party Bus Tampa

A vegan paradise is found at Kaleisia Tea Lounge, and we think that all of our East Lake-Orient Park area Party Bus Tampa customers will absolutely love it here whether they're vegan or not! That's because everything is so ultra delicious. The boba and loose leaf teas are just fantastic and they've got a lot to entertain you here too, including magazines and books, plus board games! They have some of the most delicious Asian noodles that you'll ever taste and we're hooked on their buttercream cupcakes! Favorite thing on the menu though? It's got to be the pumpkin soup. Everything is served so elegantly and with such class here. We adore it!

Taco Bus

913 E Hillsborough Ave
Tampa, FL 33604
(813) 232-5889
Party Bus Tampa

What's a better Party Bus Tampa destination than a taco bus? Makes perfect sense, right? This happens to be one of the cheapest ways to get a hot and delicious lunch for a big group, and they'll be more than happy to have you! They're open 24 hours too, so you'll never have to worry about this one closing up on you when you're craving just one more taco! The butternut squash tacos are one of the most exciting options that they've got here and we love the vegan steak strips too! The vegan tamales are also really an enticing choice. Tempeh tacos too! Oh, my! The horchata is a must for your drink. Could we love this place any more than we do? Nope!

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

600 N. Ashley Drive
Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 274-8615
Party Bus Tampa
If you're looking for someplace active and fun to enjoy nature with your Party Bus Tampa group, Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park comes highly recommended for our East Lake-Orient Park area peeps! There's always plenty going on here, with the convenient and exciting location on the river in the downtown area. The music fests that are held here are particularly exciting, and everybody loves the museum and the ice skating rink. They often have movies on the lawn and there are multiple stages here so there are always many things going on at once. They've got the fountains for the kids to run through too, so this is a great all-ages destination!