Local Establishments

Fish Hawk

Outback Steakhouse

16547 Fishhawk Blvd
Lithia, FL 33547
(813) 689-9222
Party Bus Tampa

If you're a big fan of delicious steaks like we are, but you want to go somewhere that's affordable and casual instead of spending an arm and a leg to feed your whole Party Bus Tampa group, why not head out to Outback Steakhouse in the Fish Hawk area? This is a must-visit for our partygoers and a very popular choice overall. The ambiance is so fun and cool, with great decor and a super friendly staff that really works hard to keep you comfortable. The bar is a great place to sit and have an ice cold margarita or any one of their specialty drinks! We love just about everything on the menu here and feel very comfortable recommending Outback to you!

Bonsai Sushi

16132 Churchview Dr
Lithia, FL 33547
(813) 685-3322
Party Bus Tampa

You're not just limited to the above establishment if you're craving sushi in the Fish Hawk area. Bonsai Sushi is another one of our favorites. They've got incredible dragon rolls here that are just packed to the hilt with high quality ingredients. Party Bus Tampa customers absolutely go crazy over all the yummy choices on the menu here. The staff is one of the friendliest that we've ever encountered, and you just honestly cannot beat that so-convenient location on Churchview Drive in nearby Lithia! The prices are super affordable here and they've even got beautiful outdoor seating in case you want to enjoy the breeze while you eat. Love it!

Buffalo Wild Wings

13416 Boyette Rd
Riverview, FL 33569
(813) 655-4555
Party Bus Tampa

Buffalo Wild Wings has always been a popular choice for Party Bus Tampa customers in the Fish Hawk area, and we know why! It's all about the consistent experience that you get here, no matter which specific location you choose. It's a big cozy bar where you can enjoy the famous wings and huge number of sauces from mild to super spicy. They've got fun trivia nights and video games to play, as well as a great Internet-connected jukebox so that you can play all your favorite hits while you're there. The specialty drinks are excellent and we've always been particularly big fans of the Buffalo Zoo! That blows a Long Island iced tea out of the water!

The Talking Pint

13428 Boyette Rd
Brandon, FL 33569
(813) 315-9889
Party Bus Tampa

By far, one of Party Bus Tampa's favorite restaurants and bars in the Fish Hawk area has got to be The Talking Pint. This is a haven for those who love delicious sandwiches and vegetarian dishes, and they really do have such wonderful items here, including soups and even hot dogs! This is not a full bar, but rather a great little microbrewery, and we think that you will absolutely fall in love with their incredible brews. There's lot to do here including watching old movies, playing board games, listening to live music, and even writing on the walls. It could not be a more relaxed or inviting destination if they tried. Very highly recommended to you!

Tokyo Japanese Steak & Sushi

13420 Boyette Rd
Riverview, FL 33569
(813) 689-5544
Party Bus Tampa

Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar has quickly become a Party Bus Tampa favorite in the Fish Hawk area of Florida, with our customers so often telling their chauffeurs to take them there! They just love it! If you're a big fan of hibachi steakhouses and sushi bars, they have really got you covered here. The salmon is one of our favorite things to enjoy at the hibachi tables, and as a matter of fact we're huge fans of the salmon rolls and spicy salmon rolls on the sushi side of things too! The spicy tuna rolls are also really delicious. The service that you receive here is on a completely different level and it's just an overall wonderful dining experience!