Local Establishments


Angry Pepper Taphouse

9366 Oakhurst Rd
Seminole, FL 33776
(727) 596-5766
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Angry Pepper Taphouse is the top place for barbeque and great drinks in Seminole. This establishment has ribs that fall off the bone, a sure sign of being cooked to perfection. They make evertyhing homemade here, down to the hotsauce, coleslaw, and beans. The beer selection is varied and the waitstaff is always friendly here. They also have many different flat screen televisions here, making this a destination for your next sporting game viewing. You can't go wrong with their pulled pork sliders or chicken sandwich here, the fries are homemade with garlic salt that's out of this world. Be sure to ask your friendly waitress about all of the drink specials that are happening the day you come in!

Jimmy's Sushi Bar

1401 W MLK Jr Blvd
Plant Seminole, FL 33563
(813) 752-7763
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Jimmy's Sushi Bar is one of the best sushi restaurants in the entire county of Pinellas, and we certainly aren't exaggerating. All you have to do is ask around to ascertain that this is a fantastic place to eat some quality sushi! Be sure to try the summer roll, triple threat, as well as the famous volcano roll. It's safe to say that you can't go wrong with any of the options here, but you can also ask you server about the best options for eating, as they'll be glad to help you. The interior of this establishment is filled with salt water aquariums and decorative lighting, making for an eating experience that you won't soon forget. Come on down to Jimmy's Sushi Bar!

The London Bus Pub

5667 Seminole Blvd
Seminole, FL 33772
(727) 399-1122
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The London Bus Pub is one of the best bars in the area! There's nothing you won't enjoy about the food and atmosphere at this amazing pub. It may seem like a hole in the wall for the outside, but you can be assured that the interior of this place is ambient and relaxing. This place has a jukebox that's connected to WiFi, allowing you to play whatever it is that you want to here. There is also a great crowd during trivia nights as well as live entertainment during the weekend. They have great comfort food from London such as bangers and mash, cottage pie, as well as whiskey wings and their burgers. Come on down the the London Bus Pub and see what all of the hype is about. They will look forward to seeing you!

Sombra Coffee

9342 Oakhurst Rd
Seminole, FL 33776
(727) 400-6956
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Sombra Coffee is a new coffeehouse in Seminole, and it's one that deservers your attention. They roast their own coffee here, leaving you with the freshest, most flavorful brew in the area. Everything here is homemade down to their pastry selections! If you're in town and looking for a bite to eat for breakfast, this is certainly the coffeehouse you'll want to check out. Their breakfast burrito is among the best in town with ingredients that go beyond what you're used to! They also have some amazing pies, pastries, and bagels, so be sure to come on by when that hunger strikes. Best of all, they have a gluten free menu!

Porpoise Pub

8701 Seminole Blvd
Seminole, FL 33772
(727) 393-7616
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Porpoise Pub is located right on the water, which makes for a lovely place to spend an evening. If you want to watch the sunset with some fantastic drinks with your friends, this is certainly the place to do it. This is a unique establishment with great music and ever better food selections. Weekends attract a lot of bikers, so if you're into motorcycles, you're sure to have a great time here. This establishment used to be a roadside attraction that housed dolphins, and now it's responsible for one of the best bars in the area. Come on down and try out their amazing chicken sandwiches and black angus beef burgers. You won't regret your meal here, that's for sure!