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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a party in mind but still do not know the theme for it, does that matter?

A: It doesn't matter what type of celebration you're planning or the nature of your event, we're able to provide the same level of professional service.

Q: Any hidden fees I should know about?

A: We will share absolutely everything with you. There is nothing to hide from you. That's not good business. If you wish to know something, ask and we would be happy to supply you with the answer.

Q: Do I need to reserve in advance?

A: Due to the high demand for our buses, we suggest calling much prior to your event to make sure that we have exactly what you're looking for.

Q: Am I allowed to cancel my reservation?

A: Once you have reserved and put a deposit down, you are required to pay for the service. Even if you don't use the service, you'll still have to pay. You also cannot change the date of your reservation. The only thing you might be able to do, depending on availability, is change the time earlier/later or upgrade/downgrade your vehicle.

Q: Can I take a look at the buses before deciding which one to choose?

A: We always ask our clients to conduct actual bus visits to see for themselves the buses that we have.

Q: Where will the bus take us?

A: Party Bus Tampa is a licensed party bus company recognized by the state. We can bring you around Tampa or even to other areas in Florida.

Q: Is children allowed on the buses?

A: Children are more than welcome to come onto the buses. We are great for Proms and Birthday parties. If there are going to be children or those under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on board. This is to keep everyone safe.

Q: Do you allow smoking inside the buses?

A: Party Bus Tampa has a strict no smoking policy in order to protect our buses and the equipment inside them.

Q: Can we drink inside the bus?

A: What's a party without drinking? Of course, we allow drinking inside the bus. We even provide complimentary buckets of ice for your drinks.

Q: Will you provide us with alcohol?

A: We do not sell or give you alcohol, you will have to provide your own, unopened alcohol. There are coolers in the vehicles that are filled with ice to chill your drinks if need be.

Q: Is it cost efficient to choose your bus instead of just getting a cab for a tour around Tampa?

A: It could be cheaper to take a taxi for a tour around Tampa but Party Bus Tampa provides more than just transportation, we offer comfort, class, and style. Can you party inside a taxi? Can you stand up and stretch out? Can you sing to your heart's delight while on board a taxi? Of course you can't. But inside our buses, the sky is the limit.

Q: Are we allowed to bring food with us?

A: Yes you can, as long as you try not to make a huge mess. No one likes messes and having to clean it up. If there is a big mess that requires cleaning, you may be charged a cleaning fee.

Q: When are your office hours?

A: You can contact us at any time for any questions you may have or to start your reservation. That's every day of the year, every minute of the day. If you would like to come to our office to take a tour of the vehicles, it is best that you call and see when you can come so that we can make sure the vehicles you are thinking about are here to see and not out on a run.

For more questions and concerns, please feel free to call or email us. We're always here to listen to your needs, and our team of professionals are happy to help you resolve your questions. You'll find that we treat you like family when you call to ask questions, and that's because we value your interest in our company! We'd be happy to accommodate your travels through Tampa, just give us a call or send us an email. If these did not answer your questions and need more general information on party buses our best recommendations are Party Bus Service Charlotte NC and Baton Rouge LA Limousine.