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Party Bus For Sale

ELC Limos Designs has great news if you're looking for a premium used party bus! We have a party bus for sale that is a custom built beauty that is sure to attract customers to you. This bus is a crowd pleaser, considering it can hold up to 26 passengers with extra accommodation for luggage. You won't find a better built party bus for sale in the Tampa area, that's a guarantee. The stylish interior and exterior will draw your customers in time and time again, because it can be used for any event! When you buy from ELC Limos Designs, you can be assured that you're getting the following:

  • Custom crafted party and limo bus
  • Modern interior and exterior designs
  • Matching vinyl seating surfaces
  • User-friendly driver controls
  • Specially made ceilings
  • Proper bar areas
  • Dancing floors
  • Custom walls
  • Colorful light show

It's no secret that one of the main things that draw customers to a party bus are the neon lights that give off the perfect party atmosphere. You'll find amazing lighting on the following:

  • Superior sound systems
  • Custom back lit boxes for the speakers
  • CD players with iPod/MP3 adaptability
  • 3 professional subwoofers
  • Six 6.5" speakers for surround sound
  • Matching component tweeters
  • HDTVs with DVD/BluRay capability
  • Removable stainless steel poles
  • Champagne buckets and drink holders
  • Rock drink holders
  • Complete custom bar area
  • Cooler space

The asking price for this 2013 Glaval F-550 is: $129,000.00
For more information call: 866-417-1444

f550 party bus for sale
glaval party bus for sale
lighting on bus steps
party bus interior with dance floor
speakers on bus
leather seats and big tv
disco ceiling
back light champagne glass holder
glass holders in seats
champagne glasses against neon lights
glass holders on bus
glass holders behind seats
two dance poles and disco floor
close up of vinyl seats
big tv
speakers subs
interior lights

There are a few things you'll want to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing a new or used party bus.

Depending on your personal situation, there could be a factor that sways your decision! Before you jump into the luxury transportation business, you'll need to take a few risks, something that seasoned business owners are well aware of. Here are some of the pros and cons of buying new and used party buses in the Tampa area!

When you're looking to buy a used bus for your company, you're probably doing so because you don't want to take the plunge on an expensive vehicle. You'll want to tread lightly on this matter, because there are some things you may have not even thought about that could drain your bank account! It's common thought that when you buy a used vehicle, you could potentially be buying a new set of problems to fix. If it's an older vehicle, you'll have to worry about future problems, even if it seems to be in good shape. The last thing you want is an overheated engine, blown out tire, or full out breakdown on the side of the highway with a wedding party, as that is basically career suicide in this business. If you have a breakdown without another vehicle to send out, you're damaging the image of your business and your pocketbook in the process. Bottom line, don't buy a vehicle that will eat up your profit margin with repairs. You can get a great deal if you look closely and search around!

Buying a brand new party bus is a big investment, but it's one that has a great potential pay off.

When you think about potential costs of a used vehicle, you might be saying, "To heck with it, I'm going to buy a brand new party bus!" Buying a brand new party bus is a big investment, but it's one that has a great potential pay off. When you consider the uncertainty of a used party bus, sometimes it's worth it to get a new party bus. You can either pay for the new bus in cash, or you can make monthly payments with an interest rate. Make sure you factor in insurance costs as well, considering newer vehicles are more costly to insure. Not to mention the fact that if you get into an accident, which is a possibility, your insurance agency could decide to completely drop you from their coverage, leaving you with no way to provide service or make money. However, the positives to buying a new party bus can't be measured. You'll bring in tons of clients with a brand new party bus with amenities, as they're more aesthetically pleasing.

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